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Long-term, consistent, sustainable business growth…Guaranteed!

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In the high-pressure race to exceed ever increasing targets and make more money from less resources, even the most successful business leaders often miss or undervalue key opportunities to minimise business risks and maximise growth results.

If you are an individual in business with employee and strategic decision-making responsibilities, or maybe someone about to start up their first business, you will find easy to implement, bite size practical knowledge and reminders of how to build strong business success foundations.

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We are all very busy, so this highly rated book is deliberately short and to the point (100 pages) as a ‘dip in, dip out’ guide including topics such as:

  • Understand and create your competitive advantage
  • Get more from sales and marketing
  • Become a strong leader and positively influence your employees
  • Build smart partnerships both within and outside your company
  • Plus, many more insights
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Long-term, consistent, sustainable business growth …guaranteed.
How good would that be for you and your business?
Or will you be one of the 50% who fail in the first year, or the 90% who fall by the wayside before ten years are over?

Meet the authors

Daryl Woodhouse founded Advantage Business Partnerships in order to help others accelerate success by sharing the corporate leadership and strategic business experience gained during his time in the financial services sector supporting SMEs.

Garry Smith spent a number of years as a senior HR professional, leading significant cultural and technological change programmes for large manufacturing companies before setting up his own consultancy business.

Access expertise to work smarter, achieve more and live happier

Daryl has helped hundreds of organisations as well as thousands of leaders and he knows how hard it can be to consistently balance success at work and happiness in life.

He says “Everyone needs help to fulfil their potential, even the very best! Much like your favourite sports athletes who rely on a team of experts to continuously guide and push them forward”.

Wherever you are in the world, Daryl will be glad to hear from you in confidence to explore collaboration with no hard sell.