This is a very personal and important post to me. It won’t take more than a few minutes of your time to read, but I firmly believe it will help you towards a happier, healthier life and greater business or career success.

I’m going to start with the assumption that everyone wants the best from their work and personal life. If that’s not you, you can look away now!

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I’ve found that many of even the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders I’ve met over the years don’t consistently treat themselves and those around them as best as they can.

And I include myself in that. Sometimes during my career it has felt like a daily struggle with a feeling that I’ve suffered more hardships that I’ve had successes.

I’ve personally suffered burn-out several times, because I’ve overdone it through a combination of:

  • lack of time to exercise
  • high stress
  • lack of rest
  • bad luck and personal tragedy
  • poor diet
  • being too helpful and taking on too much e.g. saying ‘yes’ to more commitments than I have time for

Could you put yourself or someone you know in some of these categories from time to time?  If not now, then maybe in the future?

A poor life-work balance and the negative consequences are far more common than you might think. I’ve seen it in many others whom are successful and many whom are less so.

Right now, many people whose businesses have suffered from lockdown, might be coming out of a period of furlough. That period of enforced business inactivity has impacted on everyone differently.

For some, it’s offered an opportunity to spend more time with their family, reconnect with their kids and partner, and enjoy activities they don’t normally have time for. For others, it’s been an intensely stressful period of isolation and anxiety.

As we slowly start to make our way into the ‘new normal’ remember that working too much for too long without the right attention to good long-term physical, mental and business health really does take its toll on your well-being, your relationships, productivity, happiness and also your business results.