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Consider The Life Work Effect ©

LWE Transaparent

What could you achieve if:

  • You and your team worked 25% fewer hours whilst working 25% smarter?
  • You invested 75% of your L&D budget in your top 25% current and rising stars?
  • You identified the 50% of your work which creates the best performance impact and outsource or delegate the rest?
  • You equipped the top 25% of your talent to train and mentor the next 25%?

You can expect a great life work effect working with Daryl as an essential component to your growth strategy, culture change, leadership development, workplace wellbeing and employee engagement.

Life Work Effect© is Daryl highly recommended unique methodology which combines lessons from his 20 years career experience through his unique mobile app coaching tool and expertise in leadership, strategy, productivity, life work balance, burnout, and performance improvement.

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From 12-16 hours of time spread across 12 weeks, participants will: 

  • Feel incredible from freeing up more than 492 work hours per year
  • Turbo charge business success by shifting up to 26 hours a week into higher value creation tasks and improved life work balance
  • Work smarter to enjoy more time for family, personal hobbies and selfcare
  • Increase energy, motivation, happiness and wellbeing by more than 50%
  • Reduce stress and avoid burnout for themselves, and those around them
  • Level up leadership, strategic thinking, productivity and commercial action skills
  • Switch up to 132 workdays per year from weakness and dislike tasks to use strengths more and do tasks they love
  • Transform life, business performance and profit creation skills

This highly rated transformation programme includes:

  • 12-month license for the innovative Life Work Effect mobile App
  • Live, interactive action focused workshops
  • Videos and other resources within a ‘done with you’ step by step approach

From 90 minutes of your time, you will get: 

  • Insight to why most leaders and businesses fail, falling short of achieving the life and career they want
  • Clarity on why life work balance + productivity mastery creates happier lives, and improved work success
  • Know-how to visibly grow performance with less stress
  • Understanding of what a highly productive and healthy leader looks like
  • 7 easy to implement actions to help you work smarter, achieve more & avoid burnout
  • A live Q&A with Daryl
  • To feel good about investing in yourself and our planet (Daryl will plant 5 trees for every person attending)

From 3 hours of your time, you will get: 

  • Improved strategic thinking, prioritisation and life work success skills
  • Enhanced know-how to visibly grow your workplace performance results, and work less without burning out yourself or your team
  • Increased motivation, focus and wellbeing
  • Tools to easily take the right action consistently, including my highly rated ‘bullet proof’ action planner
  • Thinking and doing with fun interaction, coaching and Q&A discussion

Coachees will: 

  • Maximise progress in a completely bespoke 1:1 environment with Daryl
  • Enjoy monthly goal setting, opportunity discovery and priority planning sessions
  • Mid-month checkpoint session and troubleshooting
  • Two email support credits per month

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  • Tailored 1:1 support, workplace growth strategy, talent management, performance and wellbeing consultancy, workshops and courses
  • Partnership and sponsoring opportunities across our communities
  • Keynote talks and virtual team sessions on a range of current topics
  • Train the Life Work Effect champion to empower senior leadership teams to deliver LWE transformations internally across their workforce
  • Bespoke team sessions

Access expertise to work smarter, achieve more and live happier

Daryl has helped hundreds of organisations as well as thousands of leaders and he knows how hard it can be to consistently balance success at work and happiness in life.

He says “Everyone needs help to fulfil their potential, even the very best! Much like your favourite sports athletes who rely on a team of experts to continuously guide and push them forward”.

Wherever you are in the world, Daryl will be glad to hear from you in confidence to explore collaboration with no hard sell.