Mental Fitness & Productivity App …Coming soon

Our mission is; by 2030 to enable 1,000,000 leaders, senior employees and entrepreneurs to boost wellbeing, increase productivity, improve work-life balance, and prevent burnout for themselves and those whom they have responsibility for.

Co-created by Daryl Woodhouse and Adedayo Omosanya, the MFP App involves a simple, yet highly effective methodology which enables users to typically improve their work-life balance, reduce stress and boost productivity at work by 25% within weeks, and often within days.

Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl is a mental health campaigner, 26-time award-winning entrepreneur and business advisor.

Adedayo Omosanya

Adedayo is a talented App developer and CEO founder of Ingenious Apps Studio based from his London HQ.

Our App is currently in BETA and will be available to the world very soon through Android, iPhone and web browsers, and is set to disrupt the way business leaders approach work-life balance, wellbeing, work related stress and business productivity growth.

Prior to reaching this Beta App development phase, the success of the MFP approach was developed over several years in Alpha mode by Daryl and implemented in his scale up consulting projects, 1:1 executive coaching programs, 21-day productivity transformations and corporate wellness-productivity workshops.  The exciting thing is that there is already a range of products and service interventions that work with private google sheet tools and Daryl’s coaching techniques working in tandem to deliver significant results for clients.

The App version is forecasted to put mental fitness and productivity improvement on turbo charge, making it more scalable with a lower cost and shorter time commitment needed from clients to enjoy the results.

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What some of our Alpha customers are saying about the MFP Approach…

“Finding balance between long term pro-activity to maximise performance and progression against the rush of day to day life and business responsibilities – this has really helped me improve!

Paul Moss, Head of HR, Metro Shipping Ltd

“Accessible tool that helps people achieve better balance in their work lives, add more value for their companies, and be happier and healthier as a result.  An empathic and intelligent partner for organisations of all types.

Phil Lewis, Founder CEO of Corporate Punk