Daryl delivers interactive, value creating and action focused training workshops to entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams. He consistently achieves top feedback scores, repeat bookings and glowing testimonials.
His training sessions have covered a range of topics including:

Mind and Business Strength

This training session shows delegates how to achieve great mental fitness alongside business productivity improvement techniques.

It includes Daryl’s unique methodology ‘3E System’ (employee engagement and efficiency) including time effectiveness, talent development and lean resource optimisation.

Strategy and Smart Action

Perfecting strategic thinking and commercial doing.
This workshop provides delegates with the know-how, skills and tools to create the best possible strategy, supported by a ‘bullet proof’ implementation plan and the environment for optimum results with less stress.

Quality over quantity

This workshop is about achieving more with less.
Daryl takes delegates through an engaging, practical masterclass for a more targeted and strategic approach to sales growth, commercial partnerships, marketing, business development and customer retention.

Future proofing

In this forward thinking workshop, Daryl takes delegates through an overview of the future of business in our increasingly technology reliant world.
He then provides the skills and tools to help entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs to leverage the best opportunities from technology for future proofing careers and businesses.

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