Your business performance can be closely compared to how the human body works.

Getting out optimum performance is entirely dependent on what you put in, and that means consistently making the right choices to drive improvements towards becoming the best version of yourself.

If you’re serious about taking good care of your body, there is nobody better placed to help you than a Personal Trainer. They offer you ongoing support, tailored workout sessions and expert lifestyle advice for as long as you’re working together. Business health may be a new concept compared to straight business growth, but the principles of personal training can be applied in the same way to a business as they can to physical health.

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Coaching is to a business what a personal trainer can be to your body, offering leadership, motivation and advice from a position of ‘been there done it’ expertise, helping to reduce the amount of friction you encounter on your venture whilst optimising growth opportunities. This means you are far more likely to achieve your dreams in life and in business.

Getting expert input to any degree will help you develop and succeed beyond what you may be able to achieve alone. Whether it’s some one-off advice or working with a business consultant on a longer-term basis, making sure you are surrounded by the right team is key. You have to take time out to sharpen the sword. When you’re training, the first thing you’ll read anywhere is about the importance of rest days. They allow your body to repair and grow, so you can come back stronger and train harder, to make more progress.

Whilst nobody is saying your team need more rest days, taking good care of them is key. Your people and your own time can be your greatest asset, so allowing yourself and your team to rest and recharge means you all return with sharper and clearer minds, improved productivity and better quality ideas, to drive your business forward with greater success, more fun and less stress.

So, what do Personal Trainers help with?


Few people can wander into a gym and feel completely confident in everything that they’re doing. Working with a personal trainer can give you clarity on things you aren’t sure about, and give you access to expert information. That will help you understand how to improve on what you’re already doing to help get you to where you want to be, faster and more easily.

Running a business is tough. With business growth, your problems change and it can be tough to know you’re doing the right thing. A qualified business coach (with a success track record) has been through what you have several times over and is perfectly placed to offer clarity on the situations that arise – giving you the confidence that you’re doing the right things to take your business in the direction that you want to take it.


Whatever you’re doing, motivation is fundamental when committing to any venture and sticking at it when things get difficult. Keeping the end goal in mind, and making sure you’re consistently doing the right things to get you there are so important. Personal trainers are the best people to keep you motivated on a fitness journey, as they can reassure you that you’re still going in the right direction, and help you to keep things progressing. A personal trainer also helps to keep you accountable

(you’ll find you are far less likely to over-indulge if you have to admit it to someone the following day!), and can overall help you reach your goals faster than if you’re going it alone.
The same can be said for business health. It can be easy to lose perspective as a business owner, especially in the early days. A business coach can help you stay on top of your growth plans, and keep doing the right things to drive consistent success in your field.

Skills and development

A personal trainer will help you refine your technique to get optimal results and avoid injury. They also give you the skills you need to continue progressing after you stop working together. In the sports world, progressive overload is the key to making progress.
The same principles apply when working with a business coach, you’ll learn new skills and we can help make adjustments to what you’re already doing well to help your inputs (time, resource, cash) churn even greater results. You have to go a little harder or lift a little heavier to keep seeing new results and avoid a plateau. It can be hard to know where to press to overcome the next hurdle, and there is nobody better to help than a person who has been through it several times before. Leadership programmes can also equip your workforce with vital skills that will help take your business forward. By helping directors and managers alike develop their communication, lean resource optimisation, decision making and leadership styles, the internal workings of your business will be more efficient and effective, giving you more time to focus on moving upwards and enjoying the eventual rewards.

Nutrition Advice

Whilst nutrition advice isn’t the main reason you work with them, a good PT will be able to give you advice on how to optimise your health, and achieve your fitness goals sooner.

The best business coaches will have a wealth of knowledge in a range of areas, and can offer advice on aspects of your business that may not be directly related to what we’re helping with, but will compliment your strategies and help drive you forward. It’s all perfectly tailored to what you do, what works in your industry, and your goals.

If you were serious about your fitness goals, you wouldn’t think twice about working with a personal trainer to help you get there.

You work with a personal trainer to help you improve your technique and make physical progress. They do this by looking at where you are at, what you’re currently doing against where you want to be, and use this to put together a tailor made bespoke training plan designed to get you there in a way that works for you. They’ll look at your current strengths and weaknesses, what you’re doing well, and what they can help you to improve by filling in knowledge gaps and offering new ideas. When it comes to optimising your business health, a business coach or consultant will work in exactly the same way. They’ll talk to you, review your goals, look at everything you’re already doing and put together a bespoke plan that is tailored to you, your team and your wishes.

The really good bit is that they’ll partner with you to help implement your plan through to results.

If you’d like to find out more about working with a coach, drop me a line. I love nothing better than working with business owners and leaders to help them improve their business fitness, and celebrating success as part of their extended team.