Daryl’s Story:
A Hard Road to a Happier Life and Greater Work Success

My career began in 2001 in a global top 10 FTSE corporation where I developed as a growth strategist and leader up to national level. I left the corporate employed environment in 2011 inspired to start and scale up my own international company.

With career ambition, high pressured work demands and a love for being a hands on father to my three young children, life was always super busy. But I was resilient, determined and ‘could handle it’.

However, when an unexpected trauma in my private life occurred in 2016, it was all became too much.

I fell into a major cycle of burnout, anxiety and depression with various consequences. For a long while it felt like I was permanently stuck in a dark, never ending tunnel. The toughest thing I’ve faced.

My road to recovery ended in 2018, as I found my way to a happier life than ever before with a great work-life balance and improved career success. As someone who loves helping others, I felt inspired to use my story for good to help others build successful businesses and careers while developing a healthy, happier work/life balance without burning out by nurturing productivity and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

I achieve this through knowledge transfer of my strengths in exit strategies, talent development, performance growth, productivity and employee wellness alongside my own unique ‘3E System’ methodology and tools. Using a tailored approach to each individual client I deliver a range of keynote talks, interactive workshops, transformation programmes and Non-Executive Director services.

My experience has shown me that even the most successful people and companies need a helping hand to get ahead and stay there to fulfil their potential in life and at work. Much like your favourite sport teams and individual athletes hire top experts to help them continually break new records and add more trophies to their name.

I have gained over 2,000 positive testimonials, awards and endorsements, and if you like a read, then my book with Garry Smith ‘Creating Business Advantage’ (SRA Books) has received rave reviews.

My own techniques allow me to spend less time in the office with more quality time for my family and friends, and to enjoy doing the other things I love; seeing live music, watching movies, exploring the world, healthy eating and keeping fit. I’ve just purchased a handmade 3-string electric guitar aim to learn some tunes over the coming months as a new hobby.

Let’s discuss how I can best support you, your event or your company with professional speaking, executive coaching, training or as a Non-Executive Director.

Daryl’s Mission

Want to become a better version of yourself?

I’ve helped hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders, and I know how hard it can be to consistently balance success at work and happiness in life.

Most of all, I know from personal experience how tough it can be to ask for help. Everyone needs help now and again.

Whether you are local or global I would love to hear from you.

We’ll talk with no pressure in confidence to explore if and how we can collaborate.