4 Epic Life Work Effect Pillars eBook

November 25th, 2021|

"This action focused eBook is to help organisations and hardworking employees achieve smarter work and life success through performance improvement, hybrid work productivity and burnout prevention. In a fast paced, high-pressure world, life challenges combined with an 'always on’, long hours work culture is often stressful, unhealthy and unproductive. To [...]

Global Health Summit 2021

November 9th, 2021|

Daryl was hired to speak for the 2nd year running at the 2nd Annual Global Health Summit. He was grateful to receive incredible feedback on his most popular keynote talk of 2021 titled 'The Smarter Future of Work and Life'. There were more than 3000 digital delegates, and the event was sponsored by big [...]

The Giant Health Event 2021

November 9th, 2021|

Over 30th November and 1st December, at the Giant Health Festival, Daryl is speaking live onstage and exhibiting as The Smarter Work Pro™ and creator of the Life Work Effect™. Daryl says: "The entire festival and my keynote will be great for any individual or organisation interested in learning about and [...]

Problem Busters Podcast – Avoiding Burnout

June 4th, 2021|

Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide. Listen to my guest appearance on the latest Problem Busters podcast, where I share my [...]

Entrepreneurs join forces to drive COVID recovery

October 6th, 2020|

Entrepreneurs across the country have come together in an unlikely alliance, to help fuel recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Thirteen businesses and a charity, from as far afield Kent to Liverpool, are focussing on collaboration rather than competition – forming a wide-ranging network to generate opportunities for each other. The [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survival Hacks

To help you, and your circle of influence to get through Coronacrisis positively, I created these highly rated practice advice videos on the Daryl Woodhouse YouTube channel. Have a look and if you like them, then please subscribe and share my channel – by sharing we can help more people achieve greater life-work success!

The 14-part video series covers a range of topics including Positivity, Productivity, Wellness, Family Togetherness, Staying Active, Helping in the Community and more.

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