High Performance Leadership Program

If you are ready to have a greater impact on your life, career, and colleagues – you are in exactly the right place!

Were you told it is impossible to be successful in life and work at the same time without long work hours, frequent stress, and high burnout risk?

I know that you can have it all, without overworking, and I am here to show you how.

You want more happiness, health, life balance, and success for yourself, and your colleagues. From Gallup’s research you know that organisations with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable and outperform competitors by 147%.

Everyone knows that unhappy, poorly trained teams waste significant time, effort, and money. Gallup found that 87% of workers globally are either not engaged, or actively disengaged. In the US, actively disengaged employees cost as much as $550Billion each year.

If you are one of the 13% working hard to drive their organisation forward, then you know how frustrating it is, and you are more likely to leave for another organisation (despite worrying if it will be any better there).

77% of professionals have suffered burnout in their current job according to Deloitte, and the University of California says 1 in 2 entrepreneurs face burnout. It is tragic that most people carry on like it’s 1987, working themselves sick, and irreversibly accelerating the ageing process.

If you are ready to make smarter changes for a happier, healthier life with greater work success, then let me show you how.

“Daryl has a wealth of knowledge on leadership and management as well as strategy and all associated theory. I thoroughly enjoyed Daryl’s tutoring and he is a thoroughly lovely guy too!”
Cara Dallat – Chief Executive at CIDO

“I would highly recommend Daryl as a tutor. Daryl has extensive executive knowledge and personal experience which help you to develop a greater understanding of leadership, strategy and implementation.”
Nicola Inkersole – PA to CEO at American Golf

High performance leadership, team building, wellbeing, and employee engagement are key to transformation success in any organization. Successful organisation and leadership development requires a set of skills that go beyond traditional management techniques, within an expert led program that works practically within the day job, and is action focused to deliver real results.

Through the High Performance Leadership Program, you will develop the confidence, modern-day know-how, leadership skills, and transformation tools to:

  • become a better, more confident, and skilled leader!
  • tackle work stress, low productivity, and inefficiency at the source!
  • navigate change more easily!
  • build higher performing, happier, and loyal teams!
  • reduce burnout and stress related absence costs!
  • improve employee engagement, retention, wellbeing, and life work balance!

Some brands I have helped

High Performance Leadership Program
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Rolls Royce

Designed, built, and led by myself, Daryl Woodhouse, as the multi-award winning ABP Founder and established senior executive trainer, program attendees will not be disappointed. I have the successful survey numbers and public testimonials that back this up.

felt less stressed & more confident as high performance leaders
+ work hours per week freed per person
+ productivity uplift
+ uplift in energy, motivation, and happiness

When compared to traditional 3-day intensive courses, the bitesize learning format of the 12-week program caters perfectly around the day-to-day life-work pressures of busy leaders. Participants praise this method for minimising ‘brain-fry’ (knowledge overload and overwhelm) and keeping on top of day job workload, whilst enabling instant implementation of the week’s learning when muscle memory and energy is fresh!

Who is the program for?

Established, new, and future leaders including directors, function heads, and other managers with responsibility for leading teams and projects. Participants come from different types of organisations across the world, and from the private, public, and/or third sector*.

*Ask about our ‘Do Good’ initiative which provides private funding contributions for public and third sector organisations

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What to expect

Program participants become better equipped to help themselves, peers, and line reports, to achieve greater performance results without working longer hours and high risk of burnout. Attendees can expect easy to action know-how and tools for ‘must have’ high performance leadership skills including:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Team Building & Leadership Development
  • Employee Engagement & Wellbeing
  • Performance & Productivity Improvement
  • Growth Mindset
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Culture & Change Management
  • Resourcefulness & Efficiency
  • Burnout Prevention & Life-Work Balance
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

Daryl is a higher skilled leader and has a broad understanding of leadership skills and approaches. He offers insightful training and feedback which can help develop you as a person as well as a professional. His level of knowledge can stretch across all manner of industries and businesses and he is able to develop and coach junior leaders as well as executive experienced leaders. I would highly recommend to engage with Daryl through sessions supporting your organisation and colleagues as well as personal coaching on a one to one basis.

Simon WilloughbySimon Willoughby, Commercial Director at DuPont

I completed an Executive Mini-MBA recently and Daryl was mentoring the group for most of it.
He was able to open our eyes and readjust the way we look at situations for the companies we work for.
We learnt through practical and theory-based exercises how to look for strategies to benefit not only our workplaces, but the environment and culture for the teams within our organisation.
Daryl is a very positive person, and this course gave me a renewed sense of what we can achieve as an organisation and personally. The course was delivered superbly and was very engaging.
It has expanded my outlook for the company I work for and reinvigorated me to look for further opportunities.
I can’t speak highly enough about Daryl.

Anthony IglesiasAnthony Iglesias, Sales and Marketing manager at LBS

I recently attended a course which Daryl led on Leadership, strategy, culture and change management. I found Daryl’s approach to be incredibly authentic and perfectly in time with the challenges and needs of todays businesses. His experiences have allowed him to understand what employees want and need and he is able to put this across in a way that really resonated with myself and the rest of the class.

Mike JonesMike Jones, Technical Director at Visiativ UK

Program outcomes

Upon completion of the High Performance Leadership Program, participants will be able to:

  • Lead and inspire highly engaged teams to achieve improved performance and excellence.
  • Think strategically and make informed decisions aligned with organizational goals.
  • Enhance personal wellbeing, leadership development, and team resilience to navigate challenges.
  • Optimize productivity through effective time management, team building, and delegation.
  • Develop effective plans to execute them efficiently and confidently.
  • Cultivate a culture of team collaboration, diversity, and innovation.
  • Successfully manage change initiatives and overcome resistance.

Please note: The duration and specific topics within each module can be tailored to meet the organization’s specific needs and time constraints. Regular assessments and evaluations will be conducted to monitor participants’ progress and measure program impact.

You are in the right place if you want to…

  • improve strategy clarity and understanding

  • work fewer hours and reduce work related stress, overwhelm, and frustration

  • confidently grow your influence, resilience, and impact

  • evolve your toolkit for leadership development, team building, time, and change management

  • achieve a happier life work balance and greater motivation with less fatigue

  • escape never ending to-do lists and reduce relentless work pressure

  • transform teamwork, prioritisation, communication, and effective use of resources

  • increase employee retention, team morale, and engagement

  • cut stress related absence costs (e.g., 17M days were lost in the UK due to work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in 2021/22 – HSE report)

  • eliminate ‘pointless’ activities and the constant feeling of having insufficient resources

  • grow productivity and reduce underperformance

  • reduce worry about individual and workforce burnout

  • sleep better, strengthen your mental health and eliminate brain fog

The detail

Each week involves a live virtual workshop of up to 2 hours duration including:

  • Professional training.
  • Practical breakout groups.
  • Change action planning.
  • Live Q&A.
  • A little bit of action taking homework.
  • Mid workshop comfort break.

Program outline

Week one

Program Orientation

How to make the program work for you.
Connecting and getting to know your cohort peers.
The modern-day leadership development and team building puzzle.
Growth mindset. The short term cost saving versus long term investment dilemma.

Week two

Self leadership and personal development

Greater leadership and essential competencies.
Self-reflection and strengths assessment.
Essential high performance leadership tools:

  • BETR Action framework
  • The Strengthener Trio

Week three

Strategy Simplified

Strategic thinking versus strategic doing.
WISE goal setting.
Bullet proof action planning.

Week four

Value based decision-making

Human capital waste and inefficiency.
Time-Task-Value Tracker.

Week five

Productivity and Performance Improvement

Essential smarter working tools including Unity Matrix, 4Ds, Eisenhower Matrix

Week six

Measuring Impact

How to measure, capture, and analyse leadership and organisation performance progress.
Balanced scorecard, Key Performance Indicators.

Week seven

Culture and Behaviour Simplified

Vision, mission, values, and culture defined.
Nurturing effective culture change and behaviour.

Week eight

Resilience, Wellbeing, and Work-Related Stress

Understanding work related stress.
The relationship between life work balance, productivity, and performance.
Essential habits for building resilience and wellbeing.
The Perfect Week Planner.

Week nine

Problems and Opportunities

Identifying problems, opportunities
Root cause, PSR method, and cost-benefit analysis.
Wider impact solution think-tanks and narrowing down the options.

Week ten

Change and Project Management

High performance team dynamics.
A framework for change.
Strategy implementation and project management best practice.

Week eleven

Growing High Performance Teams

Talent mapping.
Must have soft skills: coaching and mentoring.

Week twelve


Planning future success with continuous improvement.
Program wrap, change action plans, mentoring practice.

Post-programme follow-up

Individual follow-up coaching session
Professional collaborations
Membership of the High Performance Leadership Club

Who the program is for (in more detail)

You are sourcing expert provision of team building and leadership development for your colleagues.

Or you are new to managing people, or you are an experienced executive with decades of management experience who wants a knowledge top up, and to achieve the next leadership development level of effectiveness in leading individuals, teams, and workforces to their highest level of consistent performance growth.

The program works particularly well for leaders with a continuous professional development mindset. They value executive education as a ‘must have’ to better navigate present day work challenges and upgrade their leadership team building toolkit to help themselves and those around them to work smarter, achieve more, and live happier.

The program is also designed for teams looking to develop culture and behavioural alignment with a modern, collaboration approach, and consistent language.

To enrich the opportunity to learn from, and network with others, your training group will be carefully selected to encourage a diverse group of peers. Many of my program participants become life and professional friends during and way beyond graduation. Such is often highlighted in post survey feedback as an unexpected bonus.

Am I the program leader and facilitator for you?

High Performance Leadership Program

Read on for a few highs and lows, some of which I hope to resonate with you.

I am a globally recognised professional speaker, facilitator, executive trainer, business coach, two-time author, and the Founder CEO of Advantage Business Partnerships Limited, a strategy consulting, coaching, and training company established in 2012.

There are many achievements I am proud of which give me many practical lessons to share with my clients. Becoming a 4-time parent. Securing a national division role for a FTSE 100 corporate at age 26. Starting and scaling my own business. Discovering a happier life and greater work success despite working half as much as when I did 15+ years of 80-100 hour work weeks. Being part of 2 x multi-million business exits. Selection to become one of the youngest Executive Business School Tutors in the world. Speaking onstage to a live audience of over 3,700 people. Significant charity work and fundraising contributions.

However, it has not always been plain sailing, and it was rarely easy. I have overcome multiple challenges and mistakes to grow from (you might call some failures). Childhood trauma, adult trauma, tragedy, grief, discrimination, burnout, depression, divorce, neurodiversity, multiple urgent business restructures and turnarounds.

This means for you, your colleagues, and other stakeholders, that working with me will be very real, practical, and action focused. There will be no over-reliance on ‘theory’, outdated business models, or corporate frameworks. Nothing that I will not have experienced working for myself first hand, and for many clients before you.

My action-oriented leadership development programs and smarter working practices have been developed during my 20+ years’ experience helping leaders and organisations to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities to improve performance and grow.

I can share that my clients rave about my authentic passion and commitment to positively impact individuals and organisations to survive, thrive, and fulfil their potential in life and at work. Alternatively, I could say that my program graduates commonly praise my engaging, yet calm, and interactive delivery style which blends leadership tools, real world case studies, and action focused next steps.

However, I would rather you see for yourself what others say about me, and for instance my LinkedIn profile displays 180+ client testimonials, 000s of endorsements, and 20+ awards to my name.

Rest assured, with a proven track record as a FTSE 100 corporate leader, multi-million scale up CEO, executive trainer, business coach, 2-time author, and leadership development expert, you are in safe hands with me.

Making the right choice faster, and more easily

Whether choosing an in-person, live virtual or pre-recorded e-learning program, it is essential to choose the right one to balance the professional aspirations and goals of yourself, and your organisation.

Join a High Performance Leadership Program information session with me online, and experience for yourself what ABP and myself can offer you, your career, and your organisation.

Please note that this complimentary session will not be recorded. Agenda:

  • The truth about overworking, wellbeing, and high performance leadership
  • A high impact leadership development, team building & burnout prevention method.
  • Easy to action performance improvement tips guaranteed to help you and your colleagues:
    • reduce overwhelm and stress.
    • improve employee engagement and wellbeing.
    • get more done, in less time.
    • live happier, healthier, and achieve more at work without overworking.
  • High Performance Leadership Program overview with live Q&A
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Make the smarter choice today

Choose now as the perfect time with 30 seconds to complete the contact form and request information session dates, register interest in an open or in-house program, or book a free 1:1 performance steer.

Some of our clients have the in-house knowledge and resources to show us exactly what they need and want. Some organisations need a second opinion or expert external guidance to get clarity. Comment in the ‘Contact Us’ free format text box if you need support with a Training Needs Analysis, and a High Performance Leadership Program Advisor will be in touch to coordinate a discovery call.

Are you seeking advice for yourself, for others, or both?

At ABP we care about your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information for marketing purposes. Read complete privacy policy

High Performance Leadership Program Fees

Individual Bookings

£2950 per person

Multiple Bookings

Up to 4 leaders: £11,200

Up to 9 leaders: £23,850

10+ leaders: from £25,000

Third and public sector

Third and public sector enjoy a further ‘Do Good’ 30% discount subject to availability and eligibility criteria.

Daryl is a great tutor!
Daryl has a world of knowledge, gained through personal experience, to share with others. He also has a great way of sharing it. Daryl’s session was very inspiring and a good fun , as well as informative.
Thank you Daryl! I will use what I learned from you for a long time to come
MaggieMaggie Czerwinska, Training Director at Phoenix Solutions4all Ltd
Daryl delivered an excellent training course that I thoroughly enjoyed attending earlier this year. Throughout the sessions, he imparted a comprehensive array of tools to enhance leadership, navigate change, and strategise effectively, supplementing his teachings with relatable real-life illustrations. The sessions fostered an inclusive and supportive environment, encouraging active participation from all participants. It is evident that Daryl possesses a profound passion for developing individuals while prioritising their overall wellbeing.
Emma Seton, Chief Operating Officer at Buttercups Training Limited
Daryl has given in depth leadership insights, and I thoroughly enjoyed the three days course with him. He is an excellent coach, and his workshops have been a great way of boosting my skills, especially those that are at times left aside in the rush of everyday corporate world, but can make a huge difference for you, your team, or the entire organisation. The sessions are highly interactive and useful. I have also attended seminars by other trainers who work with him and those have been great as well and I will be sending some of my team members to attend the same course next month. Thanks again Daryl – see you hopefully at some point in the Sky Garden!
SilviaSilvia Kolu, Modelling Manager at Lancashire Insurance